Yes, It’s true. I’m the “old man” of the group. And that’s ok with me. Like someone once said, “Just because there’s snow on the roof, doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire inside.” What these young bucks have to remember is that I have been fortunate enough to have more than three decades of practice under my belt. This has given me the opportunity to enhance my capabilities, and continues to allow me to capture some of the most unique photographs. I strive to maintain my position as one of the most exclusive photographers in the Southern Indiana area.

I am, however, very fortunate to have been placed with such a talented group of young men. We have a distinct ability to produce unique products that are unlike any other. What’s more, is that we have a huge amount of energy and fun doing it. My ultimate goal is to continue to build an exciting and creative environment where customers can really enjoy working on their projects and to continuously develop an atmosphere where unique thinking occurs.

I am a family man first. I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and two handsome boys that keep us very busy and connected in our community.

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